This is the place to make your Advertising Soar

We're MayPartners, a long-time advertising agency with a new kinda marketing machine. Sorta like old fashioned experts but with all the newest technological know how. We create solutions to your companies deepest problems. Not by simply solving your media needs but by detecting and strategically addressing the issues you don't see.

What We Do

Sometimes our help means old fashioned media, creative ads, commercials, and messages. Other times it means using web, email, and other technological tools to speed things alone.

It always means a program that is highly controlled and database driven.

How We Do It

We take a good hard look at your:

  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Problems

Then, after some thinking and more thinking, we will:

  • Devise
  • Invent
  • Design

Our recommendations will be:

  • Simple
  • Intricate
  • Obvious

Our implementation will be:

  • Strategic
  • Concise
  • Elegant
  • But There is More

    We even get involved in hands-on things like promotion, displays, sales materials, brochures, etc. etc. Plus we train, teach, and motivate sales people/managers/clerks.

    And we do it all with a bit of flair. Actually, to drop the modesty, we do it with a big bunch of flair. Because, after all, without flair/excitement/panache no one will ever remember your message.

    That means they won't remember your name. If they don't remember your name, then they can't possibly buy stuff from you. And that means your sales won't go up which is, after all, why you were looking for us, wasn't it?

    And all you have to do is click on this handy link.