About Us

Just in case you want to know, can we tell you a bit about us? Where we come from and why? Here is the story.

Edward Bannister

So there was this guy. (Sorry if that sounds like a bar joke.) But Ed Bannister was an advertising professor who had a profound effect on his students.

It seems, or so he said, that he had been a very successful advertising agency entrepreneur before any of us could spell the word. He became a professor, along with the tweed coat, elbow patches and pipe to spawn others who could do what he did.

Ed had a love for good clean crisp communication and how it could be used to market and advertising products, goods and services.

He told us it was fun to write, design and create advertising. But mostly he told us about what might be called linear thinking.

The Larger Topic

At first we thought he was mostly talking about advertising. In time we learned he was talking about everything, about life. The whole enchilada.

Although he didn’t use the world, he was explaining that the joy in doing anything was in doing it well, focusing on it and in the "doingness" of things.

His message was so powerful and so eagerly accepted by students that most had good jobs in marketing, advertising, public relations, broadcasting, journalism and related crafts well before graduating.

Of course Ed (he insisted on being called Ed when that was not the norm in schools) made that happen too by demanding that industry leaders hire his students, each one exceptional.

Ever Expanding Universe

His students spread across the business landscape into various jobs, and ventures and companies. Some of them landed at this advertising agency doing the thing that Ed loved, and we all came to love - helping people communicate.

Advertising is not a solution to the world's problems. But it is the solution to the thousands of problems, challenges and issues clients have given us over the years.

We listen to what clients want, see if that squares with what they need, and then deliver frank, sometimes welcome and sometimes not, advice on how to get there.

And then we do the things necessary to make it happen.

Whatever You Need

Strangely, we have been hired for many tasks over the years which have little or nothing to do with advertising. Businesses have been started, investments made and even a few volunteer assignments boosted with our efforts.

Having done this marketing advertising thing for a good long while, and over many types of industries, we are good at it. But it is all just because we simply adhere to Ed's advice from long ago - figure out what you are going to do and then do it.

If your business needs more sales, more inquiries, more profits or more of anything you are invited to give us a call. There is no obligation. But we just might be able to help you do what you have been trying to do. And to do it better.