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Hi-Tide Resort Pulls in Goldener Inns

(News Item #0423, Published: 01/15/21, Author: , – Hi-Tide Resort on Washington State's Moclips Beach has engaged Goldener Inns to provide full service management for the 32 ;ocean front vacation rental condos. Read more is now

(News Item #0356, Published: 01/01/19, Author: , – The owner director rental program at Blue Heron Resort on WashingtonS tate's Hood Canl has been renamed to better position the business as an independent service. Read more

Lenny Lenihan Joins Leavenworth Getaways

(News Item #0350, Published: 07/09/18, Author: Elizabeth Rogers, –

New Blue Heron Resort Owner Direct Vacation Rental Website

(News Item #0345, Published: 04/15/18, Author: Elizabeth Rogers, – Read more

Goldener Inns Discovers Sunbanks Resort

(News Item #0329, Published: 04/19/16, Author: , – Here is the story of 27 mile longlake may be the least known recreational destination in all of Washington State, and how Goldener Inns is making it more widely known. Read more

Varoom Vacation Rental Cooperative for Rent By Owners

(News Item #0295, Published: 02/01/14, Author: , – A novel new approach helps fill vacation Homes fill unoccupied dates by coordinating inquiries between managers and Rent by Owners with no risk or up front cost.. Read more

Yelp aggressive Ad company

(News Item #0292, Published: 01/16/14, Author: Terry Thomas, Seattle Times Newspaper) – Is Yelp an impartial free service to consumers or an aggressive advertising company touting the services of paying clients, asks guest columnist Terry Thomas. Read more

VRA Director - 10 Things Vacation-Rental Sites Won't Say

(News Item #0257, Published: 12/14/11, Author: Linda Lacina, Smart Money Magazine) – Since 2008, when Americans spent $24 billion on vacation rentals, the industry has undergone a veritable sea change, thanks to a new breed of travel-booking websites Read more

Mount Rainier Vacation Rentals Becomes a Sunspot

(News Item #0202, Published: 04/23/10, Author: Ronald Wallace Lee, – Ms. PC Dickinson started mount Rainier Vacation Rentals four years ago and is now selling to Sunspot Resorts to offer more services to Owners and Guests. Read more

An Unremarkable Phone Call

(News Item #0265, Published: 08/15/95, Author: William Victor May, Stehekin Choice) – The most remarkable thing about life may be its most remarkable aspects. People delight us. Nothing is surprising. Life goes on. Children remind us. Read more

10 Reasons Not to Miss the IBBA Boat

(News Item #0267, Published: 07/08/95, Author: William Victor May, – Everyone figures they know how to do their craft, but joining with your peers offers new insight, new ideas and great feedback. Here are ten reasons why joining IBBA will benefit your business.

Beware of Bumlvers. Trolls and License Jerkers

(News Item #0266, Published: 06/29/95, Author: William Victor May, Stehekin Choice) – Dealing with bureaucrats can be a strange and eeeeeery journal. If you find yourself in the middle be prepared for the unusual and creepy. Here are ten tips to help. Read more

Video Tape Yourself to Create Quick, Easy & Effective Training

(News Item #0269, Published: 06/02/95, Author: William Victor May, – Have you ever seen yourself on video? Its not always enjoyable, but taping training sessions (without the need for professional editing) will provide good training for staff members. Here is how to d Read more

New Apprenticing Program Develops Winning Associates

(News Item #0268, Published: 04/02/95, Author: William Victor May, – Recruiting new staff members is wrought with frustration and delay. Training them from scratch may be the best way to developing new associates who know the ropes. This article tells you how. Read more

M&A: One-of-a-Kind Selling Challenge

(News Item #0264, Published: 06/01/87, Author: William Victor May, Marketing Magazine) – How do you sell a product that is intangible and changes daily, literally one-of-a-kind and very expensive, a nationa market but with little if any budget. Read more