Lodging Logic

One of the biggest industries on the Internet is travel. And the biggest segment of travel is lodging. And it is one of the most competitive.

Unfortunately, giant lodging chains and franchises dominate the landscape. Plus marketing, advertising and even public relations have become so incredibly technical that small Inns, Resorts and Hotels can not keep up with how, why and when to advertise.

That is where we come in

Although we have been around for decades and mastered every kind of conventional advertising you can name (Think radio, TV, print, outdoor, etc.) we have continually invested in new media.

That means websites of course, but it also means integration with online travel agents, the GDS, and other listing websites. But it also means using email, mail an other direct marketing to bring more visitors to every establishment, to keep them coming back for more.

Made for Specialty Lodging

We are experts in building up-to-date websites, with responsive design, fully integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as ecommerce instant booking across hundreds of platforms.

More important, is we understand that smaller properties have a more compelling story to tell visitors. They provide a better and more memorable experience that guests are searching for,

In fact, think of us as "Cowardly" marketers. Anyone can parrot the same old features of those same old franchise hotels. But we like unique, unusual, remote and sometimes even rustic properties because they have a story all their own.

Specialty proprieties gives us sometime to say. We know it will resonate with many visitors. With out vast grasp of both old and new media, we get those stories in front of them. And they will want to come.

Peek at our Portfolio

Feel free to take a look at our portfolio. And then call us today. Our services are more memorable than you can imagine. In fact, often there is no cost to you. All you have to lose are the profits we can provide.

DETAILS: We work to keep this information up to date, but details do change from time to time based on circumstances, often on short notice, and sometimes beyond our control. To verify any answer or other information you may need, please call or email us anytime. Allow a reasonable amount of time for response. Only legitimate inquiries will be answered.