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We do not mean to complain, irritate, brag or throw stones. But marketing, adverting and promoting tourism for many destinations is a never ending chore that most places seldom master.

Giant markets have giant budgets, a great many experts and the capability of garnering all the attention. They advertise widely, promote relentlessly and often have pretty great products - which means attractive attractions, high quality hotels, reputation clad restaurants and the kind of story that is easy to sell.

But small locations also have stories to tell that are just as compelling, and just as fascinating as the big guys.

Unfortunately they seldom have the kind of money necessary to be heard, to stand out and to get noticed.

Good news. Now there is help at hand.

Story Telling Extraordinaire.

For decades MayPartners has been helping modest sized Inns, Resorts and Hotels grow and prosper. Our clients seldom have gigantic budgets but we always have gigantic ideas for them.

We have mastered every kind of conventional advertising you can name (Think radio, TV, print, outdoor, etc.) we have continually invested in new media.

That means websites of course, but it also means integration fascinating information that catches the eye of customers. Plus we integrate online travel agents, the GDS, and other listing website in everything we do.

But we also use email, mail an other direct marketing to bring more visitors to every establishment, to keep them coming back for more. Everyone knows to use all of these tools. But most don't do it.

Tourism Secret Sauce

Best of all our custom tools allow us to boost local tourism at a fraction of what the big places invest, yet with equally impressive results.

Picture our Portfolio

Right about now, its time to look at our portfolio. No two ideas are the same. We create new and up to date solutions for you. Just give us a call.

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